Todd W. Jorns

I believe that everyone needs to become literate in five areas.  Reading, writing and arithmetic are three very important subjects that are taught (not very well in some cases) in our schools.  I also believe that good and productive citizens in this world will need to be literate in two other areas, technology and financial literacy.

Two big passions in my life (besides my family) are technology & financial literacy.  I work in higher education in my professional life as an education technologist.  So I get to play with the technologies everyday and also teach others how to use technologies in the classroom to help improve their teaching. I believe people of all ages need to feel comfortable with technologies (computers, etc.) because technology affects almost every facet of our lives now and especially in the future.

In my spare time I enjoy doing financial literacy presentations for adults, young adults and junior high level children.  Over the past 20+ years, I have been expanding my financial literacy and feel compelled to share my knowledge and experience when it comes to financial literacy, planning and retirement.  My goal is to increase others financial literacy so they can take charge of their retirement planning and not have to rely on the government (federal or state) during their retirement.

I am very passionate about financial literacy, independence, and planning (FLIP) and believe it is one of the five important literacy’s (along with reading, writing, math and technology) for future success in life!

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Personal Milestones:
  • I was born and raised in Door County, Wisconsin, so I am, and always will be a cheddar head/cheese head.  In other words, I grew up behind the Cheddar Curtain!
  • Graduated from Sevastopol High School in 1982.
  • Graduated from U.W. Platteville in 1986 with a BS in TV/Radio Broadcasting with a minor in Engineering.
  • Graduated from Southern Illinois Univeristy-Carbondale in 1992 with a MA in Telecommunications.
  • Married Suzy Schnapp from Tallula, Illinois on May 25, 1996.
  • We received the gift of Molly Jorns in 1997.
  • We received the gift of Turner Jorns in 1999.
  • We received the gift of Hunter Jorns in 2002.
  • Completed a half marathon.
  • Completed a full marathon.
  • I hope to attain future financial freedom before retirement.