The Wedding Ceremony is an act of Christian Worship, joining a man and a woman in a lifelong covenant within the Christian community.  Rock Creek Presbyterian Church is a community of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, not a wedding chapel.  Weddings are a part of our life together as God's people.  Couples who do not share our faith and commitment may wish to marry elsewhere.

The wedding ceremoney begins when the minister and groom enter the sanctuary and ends as the newly married couple exits.  Flash photograhphy is discouraged during the ceremony, and all photography, including video during the ceremony should be unobtrusive.  Smoking in not permintted inside the building.  The use of alcohol is not permitted anywhere on the church grounds.  Food and drinks are limited to the fellowship area of the sanctuary.  Please do not use confetti or rice inside the sanctuary.  Birdseed and/or bubbles work very well outdoors.

A valid Illinois marriage license is required.

Use of the church building or grounds requires the approval of the Session.  Please speak to the minister as soon as possible to arrange for a visit and counseling.

For more information, or to reserve our Sanctuary or Fellowship Hall, please contact Reverend David Daniel at (217) 632-2037 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The Church will...

  • Cool and heat the buildings as needed (please do not reset the thermostats).
  • Remove and replace the pulpit furniture as needed.  The piano and organ cannot be moved.
  • Provide a representative of the church (if needed) at the wedding and/or reception to advise the wedding party and offer assistance.

The Wedding party group will...

  • Negotiate with our minister the times access to the building will be needed and discuss decoration plans with him in advance.  Since use of the building requires the Session's approval, arrangements should be made at least one month before the ceremony takes place.
  • Provide any supplies needed for the ceremony or reception.
  • Clean up after the ceremony or reception.  A vacuum cleaner is provided for your use.
  • Remove any items brought in for the wedding or reception as soon as possible.
  • Remove any garbage or trash from the wedding or reception.

All fees below are due and payable at the time of the rehearsal:

  • $125 - Pastor Services - including pre-marital counseling, rehearsal and ceremony for non-members.
  • $100 - Sanctuary Rental - for non-members.
  • $50 - Fellowship Hall Rental - for a reception and/or rehearsal dinner for non-members.  This includes use of tables, chairs, coffe pots and the kitchen.  This fee doesn't include use of cups, plates, silverware, napkins and coffee.
  • $50 - Cleaning Deposit - is required for all non-members.  The cleaning deposit is due at the rehearsal and will be promptly refunded after the buildings are cleaned.
  • The use of other rooms is permitted, however, you must leave the rooms in proper condition after use.

Other Services:

  • Our pianist/organist, Anne Smith, may be available.  Please contact her at 632-3969 for availability and fees.
  • A representative of the church should be present at the wedding to advise the wedding party.